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re: APPROVED - App: Coffin666 - by Cylur


Save us all!!!!!! Fakma incoming!!!!


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re: APPROVED - App: Coffin666 - by Cylur


Welcome to CoH!

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re: App: Coffin666

The application submitted by Coffin666 is as follows:

Raid Days: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday between 18:00-20:30 server time (CET).(NOTE: This is subject to changes during Daylight Saving Times)

Are there any days you are unable to raid based on your selected teams raiding schedule?:

Will you require time off soon for a holiday or other commitment? Please tell us dates you are unavailable:

About Your Character

Character Name:

Current Server:

Please provide a link to your armory profile:

What is your primary spec?:

What is your secondary spec?:

What is your experience with both specs?:
I have been playing Resto shammy for a long while starting from TBC until Cata. Once Cata was released i decided to switch to Enhancement and each expansion I've been switching back and forth from Resto to Enh.

Alts of importance:


Raiding Information

Please tell us about your raid experience:
Vanilla: All Content cleared.
TBC: MH/BT/SSC/TK Cleared. SWP Cleared upto Mu'ru
WOTLK: TOC/TOGC/NAXX/ULD Cleared. ICC cleared upto ICC25H Lichking.
CATA: All content cleared.
Pandaria: Played casually. Then returned at the end of the expansion and cleared content.
Draenor: Played casually. Then returned at the end of the expansion and did the same thing.
Legion: 3/7M EN cleared.

Why have you chosen to apply to our guild?:
Well, I've chosen to apply to the guild because I have some friends there that i didn't play with for a while. Most importantly the thing that got me the most is the raiding time. It's very suited towards the timings i have with my work scheduled.

What was/is your favorite raid boss and why?:
Two bosses.
1. Zero Light - Yogg-saron : Challenging fight that requires communication and coordination.

2. SWP - Mu'ru: Most execution based fight that requires perfect transitioning and coordination in a raid.

Please provide us with a link to a recent log :

We use TeamSpeak 3, do you have this installed?:

Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it?:

Guild Information

How did you find out about Creatures of Honour?:
Friend/family in CoH

Please list your previous guilds, and the reasons for leaving:
Vanilla : Fusion-US-Magtheridon
TBC: SlashCry-EU-Kazzak
WOTLK: I don't remember the guilds name.
Pandaria: Played Casually.
Draenor: NotMuchHope-EU-Sylvanas - Guild died.
Legion: NotMuchHope-EU-Sylvanas - Guild died again lol.

About You

Tell us about yourself - name, age, country of residence, hobbies, interests etc (Socials: tell us who you know in the guild):
My name is Fahed I'm currently 27 years old. I'm from United Arab Emirates and I live in Abu Dhabi. My hobbies are playing online games and Rhythm games.

What are your main goals in WoW?:
Well my main goal in WoW back in the day was hardcore raiding and end game content clear ,But recently things have changed in my life. Thus I do not have the time to do that anymore ,so i'm mainly focusing on enjoying the game more and socializing with people and having a blast.

Got a joke for us?:
I can't think of anything at the moment

Have you read this [] post and understood it?:

If the answer is "Yes" then you should be able to answer the next question

What loot system do we use and how do we specifically use this in raids?:
Coucil loot , items are given the to the players that needed and that will benefit the raid the most for progression.

Additional Comments:
If you have any query about anything. Please feel free to contact me in game.

Oh one more thing. I will be able to transfer to the server on Tuesday 11/15/2016 if the application is to be accepted.

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