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re: DECLINED - App: Deathswag - by Shiftofshape


No offense but looking at your gear/gems/enchants it seems you're just asking to be carried. As we are no longer raiding normals you will have to put a lot of effort in gearing up independently.

Spiders gonna spide.

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re: App: Deathswag

The application submitted by Deathswag is as follows:

Raid Days: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday between 18:00-20:30 server time (CET).(NOTE: This is subject to changes during Daylight Saving Times)

Are there any days you are unable to raid based on your selected teams raiding schedule?:
Well out of these days i currently playing with my RL friends on Wow Doing Mythics

Will you require time off soon for a holiday or other commitment? Please tell us dates you are unavailable:
Nothing planned yet.

About Your Character

Character Name:

Current Server:

Please provide a link to your armory profile:

What is your primary spec?:

What is your secondary spec?:

What is your experience with both specs?:
Well i used to tank every time on my death knight. Deathswag-Kilrogg

Alts of importance:
Alt is not an issue but also to have fun a part playing with it.


Raiding Information

Please tell us about your raid experience:
Well i started to play WoW at the end of MoP and Tank with my paladin. We Mythic Cleared it.

Why have you chosen to apply to our guild?:
Well your Guild time is such an important thing for me as i can play.

What was/is your favorite raid boss and why?:
Garrosh mythic was pretty fun and with those mechanics was Awesome

Please provide us with a link to a recent log :
I got no Link on my monk just level up it.

Please provide us with a screenshot of your UI in combat :
UI still fixing as i am mythic raider in past guild no problem with this issue always manage.

We use TeamSpeak 3, do you have this installed?:

Do you have a working microphone and are you willing to use it?:

Guild Information

How did you find out about Creatures of Honour?:
WoW Progess

Please list your previous guilds, and the reasons for leaving:
XIS/Whiplash/Critters Eat my Pudding.

About You

Tell us about yourself - name, age, country of residence, hobbies, interests etc (Socials: tell us who you know in the guild):
Im 22 Years old lives at Mauritius island and Having a good times. Students and Working . Well I like to play games like Crossfire NA/ WoW / Hearthstone / Smite.

What are your main goals in WoW?:
Well main goal is to have fun playing this game and to join new players.

Got a joke for us?:
Your PvP Rating ... Sucks

Have you read this post and understood it?:

If the answer is "Yes" then you should be able to answer the next question

What loot system do we use and how do we specifically use this in raids?:
RC Council is a good addon to gives loots to merit players

Additional Comments:
Well hopefully i can raid with you guys.

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